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Jonathan Bell

Churchcentral South Team Leader
Jonathan and his wife Helen planted the church in 1996. Jonathan leads the team at Churchcentral South, as well as carrying the primary responsibility for preaching across Churchcentral. Helen works as the elderly support worker with Karis Neighbour Scheme. Together, they have two grown up sons.

Owen O'Brien

Churchcentral West Team Leader
Owen leads the team at Churchcentral West and oversees worship, children’s work and safeguarding across the churches.

Chris Yeo

Churchcentral North Team Leader
Chris works part time leading  the team at Churchcentral North, and part time for an adoption charity. His wife Zoe is a GP in the city and together they have two children.

Jonny Mellor

Sputnik Team Leader
Jonny  co-founded Sputnik, our growing arts collective and network. He's part of the preaching team across the churches and is on the team at Churchcentral South. He is married to Jemma and they have three kids.

Kate Watkins

Office & Finance Administrator
Kate joined the staff team to take a lead on all things financial, and oversees all the logistics of children's work around Churchcentral. Kate's part of Churchcentral South along with husband Rob and their two children.

Tim Brown

Operations Manager
Tim joined the leadership team as Operations Manager, overseeing areas such as admin, finance and support for different ministries within the church. Liz is an ESOL teacher, running two classes out of Central House.

Rich Pitt

Youth & Communications Worker
Rich heads up  communications and our youth work, and is part of the preaching team across the churches. His wife Ruth is a paediatrician, and along with their two daughters, they're part of Churchcentral South.

Esther Moore

Impact Intern 2019-20
Esther joined for the year in September. After studying here in Birmingham and being part of the church, she's given up a year to serve God across Churchcentral, with a focus on students, kids and tots.