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We're a church family, following Jesus in the south of Birmingham.
If you're new to Birmingham, new to church or new to us, we'd love to connect you in!

Sunday gatherings 

With restrictions lifting, there are three ways to gather on Sunday mornings through June & early July.

Raw church gatherings

Be together. Grow together. Eat together.

Be together.
Grow together.
Eat together.

Raw Church is our main way of gathering through June and it's really simple.

Step 1. Be together:
Simply gather with two households or six people in a home. Our Community Group leaders will help make this happen. If you're new or not in a Community Group, click below to join a gathering.

Step 2. Grow together:
When you're ready, hit play on our refreshed, stripped back online content and interact with it together: we're making it simple, the video host will lead you through your time together.  There'll be lots of our usual content, but with loads of space around it to chat, encourage, pray together and chat it through together.

Step 3. Eat together:
No pressure on this one, but why not take the chance to share a simple meal together? Tea and toast for 6? Meet early and cook brunch to have during the service? Stay on for lunch? If it works for you, great! If not, just gather and grow!
When you're gathered and ready to go, hit play on the video below (appearing from 10.30am)
Alternatively, watch on YouTube or Facebook.
In addition to our Raw Church gatherings,  two of our Community Groups will be allocated Central House (our building in Highgate, B120HD)  to use for a Sunday service.

This will enable everyone to have at least a couple of chances to meet in that environment before we make the bigger step back to being all together.

If you're new to us and you'd like to join in, or you're not in one of our Community Groups, tap the button below and we'll do everything we can to welcome you.

Sunday 20th June: Watkins' & Pitts' groups

The Watkins' group from Northfield, and the Pitts' group from Weoley Castle  have the service for the 20th June.
If you're part of those groups, book in asap so we can know numbers.
And if you're a parent from another group who wants to utilise a spare kids work space, book in as well (for kids and any adults coming) and we'll let you know by the end of Friday whether there's space for you.
Bookings close Friday morning.

How will it work?

Over 100 people have come so far through April and May and we're confident it's as safe an environment as we can make it. It may help to read this document before coming along, to give you a sense of what to expect, and you can also watch this walk-through video...

Raw church online

We really want every member of our church to feel able to gather in-person, utilising our Raw Church Gatherings & our Central House services. We want as many people as possible to be helped to gather physically.

But we know not everyone will feel ready or able to do that just yet. And if that's the case, we want you to know you won't suddenly have no way of gathering! We'll be uploading our Raw Church content online on Sunday mornings, at 10.30am, on YouTube, Facebook & the website.

While it's been designed to work best in a room with others, it will still contain plenty for you if you're watching along at home - with prayer, worship, news and a talk from the Bible.

All together?

Watch this space

We were ready and booked to return to King Edward's (our pre-pandemic venue) on July 11th. The latest delay to restrictions lifting has meant this is no longer possible, and we are reviewing the best way for us to gather through the summer.

Watch this space!
King Edward's Girls School,  B15 2UB.

Prayer meeting

Sundays, 7.30pm: Join us to pray

Every Sunday we get together on Zoom to pray about things in our lives, in Birmingham and beyond. We pray in lots of different ways throughout the hour and we're gathering more people to pray than ever before.

More about us

We usually meet in Edgbaston

We're online for now, so don't turn up! But we normally gather from
10.30am-12.10pm at King Edward's Girls School,  B15 2UB.
We're just opposite the University of Birmingham Guild of Students.

See a snapshot.

Get in touch.

Don't be a stranger! Let us help you connect in with our church community.

"We knew no-one when we came to this country. Zero! But we would say Churchcentral South has been like a family for us. "

- Deepak & Shalini

"We've loved having so many nationalities. For me, that's a little foretaste of heaven."

- Liz

"Initially I'd come to church and leave straight after the service. I knew I needed to get more involved. Now I have and it's been so much fun! "

- Nike